GI Bill® FAQ

U.S. Veterans can use their GI Bill® towards their cybersecurity education at Evolve Security Academy!

Military veterans have consistently demonstrated their motivation and commitment to excel in the cybersecurity industry. Our bootcamp allows veterans to launch their career in a matter of months rather than years.  With the support of our instructors and job preparation team, our goal is to help veterans transition careers into an in-demand, exciting and ever-changing industry where they can channel their skills and experience.

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Do you accept the GI Bill®?

Yes! We are certified to accept the GI Bill® for Bootcamp PRO (in-person in Chicago). Please note your interest in utilizing the GI Bill® in your full application so we can help you navigate the process.

Unfortunately, Bootcamp REMOTE (live-online) is not eligible to accept the GI Bill®, however we offer veteran scholarships ranging from $250-$1500 which you can apply for when completing the full application.

How much tuition is covered by the GI Bill®?

The cost of Bootcamp PRO is $12,500. Your specific benefits will depend on a few different factors, so we encourage you to explore your GI Bill® benefit and contact the VA for more information and to learn about your EES (Education Enrollment Status), which is a necessary part of the application process for Evolve Security Academy and should be submitted to us as soon as possible.

Will I qualify for the housing allowance, and how much is it?

Yes you will! Your EES (Education Enrollment Status) will have your housing allowance indicated on it.

How do I use my GI Bill®?

When you apply to Evolve Security Academy, be sure to tell us that you’d like to use your GI Bill® benefits and our Admissions team will help you navigate. You’ll also need to apply to use your benefits with the VA. If you’ve used your GI Bill® at another school, you will fill out the form to change schools (VA Form 1995) and designate “Evolve Security Academy”.

How long does it take for a veteran to get approved by the VA?

It usually takes two to three weeks to be approved by the VA, but it can take up to 30 days (processing times run longer during Spring and Fall). Your EES (Education Enrollment Status) is available online and should either be emailed to or mailed to our office Attn: Military Program, Evolve Security, 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, Chicago, IL 60654

This is important: be sure that you apply for our bootcamp and for your benefits at the same time. Each process can take a few weeks, so don’t delay. We require all documents to use your GI Bill® three weeks prior to the class start date.

Can you tell me how many months of benefits I have left?

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to that information. To find out how many months of benefits you have left, you can call the VA Education Call Center at 1-888-442-4551. Don’t worry about getting stuck on hold—you can schedule a callback (ASAP or at a certain time). The call center is available 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Central Time (Muskogee, OK).

Is your program considered part-time or full-time by the VA?

The VA has deemed Evolve Security Academy as a part-time program which impacts a veteran’s housing allowance.

Evolve Security Academy is a NCD (Non-college degree) Institution, therefore the VA measures our program in clock hours. We are currently approved at 13 clock hours per week on average which is a part-time program according to the VA School Certifying Official Handbook. The VA converts clock hours to credit hours and then calculates the rate of pursuit to determine the monthly housing allowance. Because our program is lab based (shop/practice), we do not meet the 22 hours per week threshold to be considered full-time by the VA.

For specific questions regarding your benefits and housing allowance, you can call the VA Education Call Center at 1-888-442-4551.

How will my experience differ from other students going through the Bootcamp?

Per the VA guidelines, you're required to attend the full Bootcamp PRO in-person and are unable to live-stream the first 4 weeks.

Can you tell me more about the overall Bootcamp PRO experience?

Yes! First, check out our Bootcamp FAQs  for more information and webinars about topics such as the admissions process, prep exercises, job preparation and more.

Feel free to email us at or schedule a call with a member of our team.

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