Managed  Vulnerability Scanning  & Continuous Penetration Testing

Evolve Security leadership has performed over 500 network & application penetration tests.


"Working with the Evolve team was very helpful and informative. They gave us clear, concise, and current suggestions that has allowed us to improve our security operations.
We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

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91% of cyber-attacks start with a spear phishing email. 58% of users will click on a phishing link prior to training but this number can be reduced to less than 10% after 12 months of training.


This course is designed to strengthen the overall security posture of your entire staff.

This course details proper cybersecurity protocols and procedures, teaches regular staff members what to look for in cybersecurity threats and examines how to recognize social engineering attempts and best practices for communicating threats to the designed security team.

The quantity and importance of data entrusted to web applications is growing, and security needs to be ingrained from the very beginning of development.


This course prepares developers and quality assurance testers how to properly defend an organization’s web assets. Training provides hands-on demonstrations and labs on the current threat landscape / attack vectors, the most critical web application security risks, the top web application vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10), as well as proper security implementation in a development life-cycle.

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